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Montessori l'Etincelle School: bilingual French-English

Our mission is to offer quality education, based on Montessori pedagogy and bilingual French/English, to pre-school and primary school children: between 3 and 6 years old; as well as to welcome and collaborate with their families for a global follow-up of each child.

The pedagogy of Maria Montessori (1870-1952) aims to enable each child to develop his or her potential to the fullest, in order to become a balanced, responsible adult, capable of adapting and collaborating constructively and harmoniously in a more sustainable society. Each child is monitored individually according to his or her needs, interests and specificities. This approach is based on the values of caring, respect, listening, collaboration, coeducation, excellence, and seeks to develop the child's self-esteem, confidence, independence, and ability to collaborate as a group and create links with others.

The educational team is made up of educators trained in Montessori pedagogy, with diplomas recognized by the Association Montessori (Suisse). The founder, Corine Devanthéry (MSSc) is a Montessori educator for children aged from 3 to 6. Passionate about the idea that education can guide children towards the realization of their best potential and their fulfillment in society, she puts all her attention and empathy at the service of children and their families. First active in the field of communication for international organizations such as the United Nations, then a teacher, she then held the position of Administrative Director of a bilingual Montessori School. She was also a Board member of the Association Montessori (Suisse), which allowed her to acquire all the experience in the field. 

Located in Coppet, Montessori l'Etincelle, between the lake and the mountains, is close to the Château de Coppet, the centre of the town and to the CFF station. The access to nature is also very close. The school has no religious or political affiliations.


5 activities areas

  • The prepared environment: the classroom is well organised by the teachers, so each activity is presented in an attractive way to the child. The space is organised in such a way that the child can move around freely within clearly defined boundaries.
  • The material: at the children's height, it is directly available to the children. Only one copy of each activity is available.
  • The teacher: shows the child how to use the material. The child can then do the activity alone or with others.
  • 5 activity areas: the activities are grouped into 5 main areas, as well as additional activities.

Activities similar to those carried out at home, these are the first activities proposed to the children. They develop eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, concentration, will, balance, sense of direction, prepare for writing...


Activities that refine the 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Each activity isolates a quality. The child learns classification, comparison, grading through different games. He enriches his vocabulary...


The child approaches mathematics in a sensorial way. Materials represent quantities. He learns numbers (-> million), sequences (decimal system), operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and the basics of fractions ...


The child enriches his vocabulary: oral and written expression. The learning of letters is sensorial. He learns to write, to read (total reading) and the basics of grammar ...


Activities that introduce basic principles in : Geography (maps, reliefs) - History (time) - Botany (plants, leaves) - Zoology (animals) - Arts (music, singing, crafts)...


Outdoor activities: walks, nature, games, visits, discoveries. Ecological projects. Movements...


French-English bilingual school

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 are in a particularly favourable period for learning a language other than their mother tongue. Indeed, until the age of about 6 years, the child is endowed with an absorbing mind that gives him the capacity to absorb all the elements of his environment such as language, without effort. Later on, this ability fades and learning a language will be done with more effort. The acquisition of several languages is a great asset for the child, as it opens him/her up to several cultures and increases his/her skills for future adult and professional life. Both languages are permanently present in the classroom, so the child is immersed in a multilingual environment.

The children are greeted by a French-speaking teacher who speaks French with the children at all times. The child is therefore bathed in the French language. They also discover and assimilate cultural elements through the nursery rhymes, stories, books and activities related to this language.

The children are welcomed by an English-speaking teacher who speaks English with them at all times. The child is therefore immersed in the English language. They also discover and assimilate cultural elements through nursery rhymes, stories, books and activities related to this language.

General information

  • Full-time hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8am-3pm / Wednesday: 8am-12pm
  • Arrival : 8h-8h30
  • Departure: 12h-12h15 or 15h-15h15
  • After school: until 18h every day
  • Balanced meals, local caterer 'Green fork' certified
  • Holidays: dates of school holidays in the Canton of Vaud
  • Minute drop-off available
  • Close to the historical center of Coppet


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